• Special Effects for TELEVISION, LIVE CONCERTS , MUSICALS, BROADWAY, HAUNTED HOUSE ATTRACTIONS, and THEATER – Producers and Directors of MUSICALS, BROADWAY, TELEVISION, LIVE CONCERTS and HAUNTED HOUSE PRODUCTIONS are sometimes pressured to create illusions to make magical effects for their show, which is sometimes “tricky” due to their non-magic background. Danny Weiser brings his experience and consulting advice by combining theatrical methods and illusion concepts to create what your team would want to be perceived in the show’s production.
  • Illusion Design and Concept Development – Are you looking for a new original concept/effect or reconstructing ones that you have already developed?, Danny can bring those ideas to life.
  • Consulting-Show/Performance Development – Choosing the right props, scripting, patter, and routining that best suit you as the performer.
  • Unique Branding/Product Launches/Trade-Show Illusions – Are you a Corporate company looking to brand or promote your product in a unique way at Trade-Shows, Product Launches, and Television Commercials? WeiserConcepts can help with just that! With our very strong background in marketing and design, we can design an illusion to help promote your name and your product!

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