• “Danny is very creative and ambitious. He is a great addition to magic, will be a force to be reckoned with and worth knowing.”
    ~Seth Rovner
    Producer of THE SUPERNATURALIST special Starring Dan White on the Discovery Channel
  • “Danny is enthusiastically pursuing all aspects of illusion design at a young age. His new concepts are a challenge to build and should be. His mind doesn’t stop creating ideas that in the long run will be on many stages in the future.  I have signed on to build one of his effects and cant wait to get started”
    ~Mike Michaels
  • “As a lecturer and grand illusionist myself and the creator of a few original effects I know the hard work and dedication it takes to get to where I am today. Danny has gotten there even faster. If you are not aware of who Danny is let me tell you he is the creator of several original grand illusions (several being built right now by Jack Murray of Dream Illusions) Yup, thats right, there should tell you the level of quality and how creative Danny is!”
    ~Sam Sandler
  • “After talking with Danny for quite a bit, seeing the ideas he had, its clear he has a very good understanding of illusions – the design he came up with is actually a very nice, modern and functional piece that I am confident will be a terrific addition to my show.”
    ~Michael Bourada
  • “Danny is a forward thinker and a creative problem solver. His illusions and/or his mind are a welcome addition to any magic project.”
    -Landon Swank
    America’s Got Talent Finalist 2011
  • “Danny is a creative genius, taking magic to the next level with his innovative style and remixed illusions.”
    ~Kyle Ravin
  • “Exceptionally streamlined illusions, with fresh and innovative concepts. What you see before you is the future of modern illusions… With the creative aspect of Danny Weiser along with top quality illusion crafters (both of whom we have worked with for years) the end result is enticing!”
    -Mark Stevens
    Stevens Magic Emporium
  • “Danny is a pleasure to work with. His ideas and concepts are a welcome addition to our art”
    -Jack Murray
    Owner/Builder Dream Illusions
  • “It’s such a pleasure to deal with a top notch professional with a high grade of creative knowledge meshed with quality craftsmanship. Great Work Danny!!”-Bobby Motta
  • “Danny rocks! He is a ridiculously talented and creative artist. Always happy to see what he is working on. Keep an eye on the creative of Danny Weiser!”
    -Joshua Logan
    Production Manager Paul Harris Presents